Hypocrisy on Steroids

I do not know that there has been a time in my adult life in which hypocrisy has ever been more prevalent or blatant on such a large range of topics.  One topic that has been sucking up all of the oxygen lately is an alleged affair Donald Trump had with a porn star some 12 years ago.  As I am sure most have heard about this, allow me to provide a quick snapshot.

A month before the 2016 Presidential Election, a porn actress named Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 and signed  a non-disclosure agreement under the auspices of not speaking about an extramaritial relationship with Donald Trump.  While Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, maintain that an affair never took place, it is rather odd to just give $130,000 and have someone sign a nondisclosure agreement for no reason.  But the media, bloodthirsty and ravenous as ever, was not about to let this type of red meat go to waste.  Skirting the rules of the non-disclosure agreement, Ms. Daniels and her lawyer have given multiple interviews about the alleged affair and by proxy have become the new heroes of the Left.

Do I believe that Trump copulated with this porn star?  Absolutely.  Do I care?  Not really.  I have come to realize that if we are so gullible to believe that our politicians, even those who run for President, are somehow virtuous or pious or anything similar to those adjectives, we are fooling ourselves.  Donald Trump became rich because he is shrewd, cutthroat, manipulative, and knows how to use leverage.  It is these qualities that also helped him get elected President.  But, guess what?  Hillary Clinton is shrewd, cutthroat, manipulative, and knows how to use leverage.  Barack Obama is shrewd, cutthroat, manipulative, and knows how to use leverage (and also a huge narcissist).  You see, you do not ascend to the heights of President of the United States or Secretary of State because you are a “nice person”.  People navigate to these heights through a combination of many factors.  But, be assured that one of the factors involved is knowing how to shut people up who may try to damage your reputation.  And it is with that statement, that we circle back to hypocrisy.

William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was accused by four women of sexual misconduct.  These allegations ranged from groping to rape.  One of his accusers, Paula Jones, was paid an out of court settlement of $850,000, while Clinton maintained he did nothing wrong.  Because after all, who doesn’t break off $850,000 to someone for no reason?  Are we beginning to the see the parallels yet?  Do I believe that President Clinton is guilty of what his accusers allege?  Probably.  Do I care?  Yes.  What the hypocritical media is falling all over themselves about was a consensual relationship, albeit an adulterous one, between Trump and Daniels.  In the case of Clinton, none of his alleged transgressions were consensual, with Juanita Broaddrick claiming she was forcibly raped by Clinton in 1978.  It bothers me that our nation would elect, twice, a man who may have raped a woman and then thought he could get away with it.  But, with the help of the media, he did.  With the help of the media, he had sex with an intern in the Oval Office, lied under oath about it, and the Left still offers him up as a hero.  So, we have now arrived at the hypocrisy.

The media, when reporting or commentating on the accusations against Bill Clinton, were quick to question the integrity of the women making the accusations.  They were quick to explain away the accusations as women seeking publicity and/or a payday.  Were they right in this summation?  Probably.  It is very odd that one of the accusations occurred 15 years earlier and was not brought to light until Clinton became President.  However, publicity seeking or not, the accusers were never given the benefit of the doubt because the media and Clinton believe in the same political ideology.  The media basically said to the public “meh, nothing to see here”.  What makes this so disheartening is that there is a huge percentage of the population who swallow this hook, line, and sinker.  At the most, what the media said was “what Clinton did was wrong, but he is a liberal, like us, so it is ok”.  In the case of Trump, anything he does, or is to alleged have done, is an impeachable offense and probably a sign of the coming apocalypse.  Even with the situations outlined above, eerily similar as they are, the media treats one situation with indifference and one with extreme prejudice.

Do I feel bad for Donald Trump?  Not in the least.  He cheated on his wife, it became public and now he has to deal with those chickens coming home to roost.  If a person does not want revelations of an extra marital affair coming out, don’t have an extra marital affair in the first place.  But, this article is not about scoring the individual morality of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  Instead of trying to spin these stories to fit a narrative as to why one is worse than the other, and vice versa (I’m looking at you MSNBC, CNN, and Fox), just save the American people the trouble and say what it is you really want to say.  At MSNBC and CNN, just level with the people and say this: “We are liberals and we will defend liberals no matter what they do.  In kind, we will attempt to denigrate and destroy anyone who disagrees with our views.  We’ll especially try to destroy those who are supposed to think like us,  but do not (see Kanye West).”  And Fox, you are complicit in this too.  Fox will defend Republicans to the bitter end and have become increasingly petty in their commentary when it comes to their dislike of Liberals.  I fully understand that the current “news” media is driven by ratings and profits and is all about preaching to their respective choirs.  However, the stuff they report on has become so tawdry, petty, and nothing to do with real issues that affect Americans that it feels like I am watching Inside Edition rather than journalism.  And, all the while many of these so called journalists actually believe they are doing some sort of hard hitting reporting, “cutting to the core of the matter”.  In reality, all they are doing is engaging in self serving, self aggrandizing behavior because they are just as narcissistic as the people they cover.  Some people say there is an assault on the media in our country since the election of Trump.  I think what is actually going on is that the coddled media cannot handle being questioned when they espouse lies and half truths when they have become so accustomed to being believed without question.  The example of Clinton’s and Trump’s dalliances with other women is a perfect example of how the media does not want to explain why is it in a situation fraught with similarities, one person should be burned at the stake and the other is a hero.  Narcissists do not like being put on the spot or to be told that they are wrong.

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