Our Moral Compass is Officially Spinning

In what began with the truth coming out about Hollywood creep Harvey Weinstein has turned into an avalanche of accusations that is running roughshod through the entertainment industry and government.  These accusations have spared no party affiliation or ideology as those in the crosshairs run the gamut from Al Franken to Roy Moore, Matt Lauer to Bill O’Reily.  It has gotten to the point to when the latest revelation is reported on one of the propoganda networks, we aren’t even really surprised anymore.  And this is where we are, becoming comfortable with the fact that our elected leaders are corrupt, inept, and evidently quite a few are sexually predatory.  But, in this situation, as in most, the apologists are coming out of the woodwork to explain why one persons offenses are worse then another’s and the arguments are just coincidentally  down idealogical lines.  Roy Moore is accused by nine women of sexual abuse, one claiming that the abuse occurred when she was 14 and Moore was 32.  And for those who do not want to see the uber conservative Moore elected to the Senate, accusations equal being guilty.  No presumption of innocence, no investigation, no due process.  For opponents of conservatives, process, law, constitution, etc., none of that matters.  (For the record I do believe strongly in the theory “where there is smoke there is fire”.  Roy Moore is probably guilty of something.)  All that matters is winning.  All that matters is gaining numbers in the Senate in order to move along a liberal agenda.  How do we know this to be true?  Look at how liberals, the great champions of women, are handling Al Franken.  In the cases of Roy Moore, John Conyers, Joe Barton, etc., there are only accusations.  There is no finite evidence that can prove any of what is being alleged.  It is purely the word of accusers.  Except for in the case of Franken.  There is documented evidence of him groping a sleeping Leann Tweeden on a military transport plane.  Documented photo evidence.  Can you imagine the Rachel Maddows of the world falling all over themselves and pounding desks calling for the resignation of Ted Cruz if they had a picture of him fondling a sleeping woman?  Liberals would be apoplectic.  But since it is Franken, who is left of left, who pushes to advance the socialist agenda, it’s all forgiven.  Because what has been communicated in this instance, and many other instances, is that as long as your political ideology squares with that of the liberal media and Hollywood, its ok to lie, cheat, steal, grope, rape, etc.  Franken and those of his ilk love to lecture us on women’s rights and at the same time defile them.  But these people are so used to being in their bubble full of clapping seal sycophants that they see nothing wrong with virtue signaling to the rest of us how we should conduct ourselves all the while conducting themselves in a manner that is in direct contradiction to their preaching.  And what do people who align themselves with these crooks do?  They defecate bricks sideways when those they are politically opposed to engage in bad or criminal behavior, but justify the same behavior by those they politically agree with.  This is what I mean when I say our moral compass is spinning out of control.  I believe in women’s rights.  I am a conservative.  If what Roy Moore is accused of turns out to be true I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  My morals will not allow me to support a person merely because I agree with him politically.  But in the case of Al Franken, John Conyers, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, etc. all is forgiven and explained away because they belong to the right party.  Party platform has replaced moral platform.  Protecting those who supposedly protect you has become more important than holding officials accountable under the law for their awful behavior.  You want to talk about privilege in the United States?  This the privileged class of Americans.  Politicians.  They rape, pillage, steal, etc. and not only do they get away with it, there are Americans lined up around the block to pat them on the back and encourage them to do it again.

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