Selective Outrage: Our New National Pastime

As should be expected, most who have been reading or watching any type of news  lately have been inundated with the righteous indignation from the Left on the death of Army Sergeant La David Johnson.  The news media has been using his death and the subsequent condolence call by President Trump to his young widowed wife has the latest proxy war against his presidency.  And should anyone be surprised?  It is Chicago mayor and former President Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who famously said “never let a good tragedy go to waste”.  The obvious translation meaning “do not worry about who’s pain and heartache you exploit, just so long as you exploit it for the greater good, which in this case the greater good is the Liberal agenda”.  And, while the ruling class Liberals are in the business of exploiting tragedy, they are also in the business of defining it to fit their own narrative.  Where is the exploitation of the other three Soldier’s families that died right along side of Sergeant Johnson?  I do not see Frederica Wilson lobbying on their behalf?  And since this incident occurred, Liberals have been touting this as “Trump’s Bhengazi”.  I find that assertion odd, given that since 2012 Liberals have tried to convince us that the incident in Lybia was not a big deal and not a scandal.  If that is still their position, then why the outrage with this event?  Could it be because there was a political angle to be played?  Surely not.  When Stephen Paddock shot up Las Vegas, the rhetoric from the Left was on hyperdrive, only to dissipate when it was realized that no political capital stood to be gained from the event since no Right Wing political motivation could be found on the part of the shooter.  Why is there no outrage on the Left with regard to the war zone that is the Southside of Chicago?  There is nothing to gain there.  Those folks already vote blue, so there is no reason to pay it any mind.  When a group of White Supremacists hold a rally in Charlottesville we are told this is proof positive that our country is dealing with an avalanche of racism.  When Black Lives Matter holds “Blacks Only” events, they are silent.  When Donald Trump is elected, women marched on Washington D.C., protesting against sexism and misogyny.  When Liberal leaning Hollywood gets exposed for its culture of rape and pedophilia, nary a word in anger is uttered.  This all being said, I have many Liberal friends of whom I believe are good and principled people.  We obviously disagree about a great many things, but bad people they are not.  However, Frederica Wilson, exploiting the death of SGT Johnson and his widow, is a bad person.  Rachel Maddow, with her tin foil hat and conspiracy theories, is a bad person.  Hillary Clinton, the champion of women’s rights, who’s husband has exploited women most of his adult life and who accepted money from governments who do not even allow girls to attend school, is a bad person.  If someone is principled in their beliefs they should be just as outraged by the conduct of Harvey Weinstein as they are of the purported conduct of Donald Trump.  If someone is a principled person they should be just as outraged by the caskets that came home during the Obabma administration as they are for the one’s that come home now.  Sadly, that is rarely the case nowadays.  Too many have chosen agenda over principle, party over values.  As long as the person who occupies the White House is the person they voted for, that person can do no wrong.  If it is not the person they voted for, they can do no right.  What sane person thinks like this?  The 24/7 media onslaught of telling people what their opinions should be and spinning any story into a possible political touchdown is ruining our country.  And, while I have no real respect for these drive by, activist journalists who I think are guided by shock value, agenda, ratings, and revenue, it pains me to say we are the real ones to blame.  Not because that in our hearts we are a divided nation, but that we have allowed those in the media to make us believe that we are.  We have allowed the media to decide what we should and should not be upset about, based off our skin color, religion, or political beliefs, rather than our conscience.  The bomb throwers in D.C.?  Yup, that is our fault as well.  We elect idiots like Mitch McConnell, Frederica Wilson, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, and John Boehner.  These people give not one damn about you or I.  All they care about is how they can exploit us to further an ideology that serves them, not us.  It is high time we stop excoriating each other and begin excoriating, and ostracizing them.  These people want us clinging to them, screaming “help us!!”.  They should be clinging to our leg, as we drag them out of the capitol building as they beg for forgiveness.

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