What Beer Teaches us About Politicans

What Beer Teaches us About Politicans

I like beer. A lot.  My wife would probably say too much.  I also dabble in running my yap about political issues………..often while enjoying beer (however not today).  As a lover of beer, those of likemindedness can appreciate the analysis and analogy that I am about to make.  Those who like beer often have a favorite, but it is not uncommon for them to veer off the path from time to time.  And while variety in beer is good, it is safe to say that we often go with what works and what is not too complicated.  This has a pretty good correlation as it applies to the leaders of our nation.  Why for the love of God is Washington always trying to reinvent itself?  Tinkering with this, changing that, essentially making law as a job.  And while a legislature is ancillary to the function of our country, it is odd to me why these people keep coming up with new laws, constantly.  New things to tax, constantly.  I would be a hell of lot more impressed if these people would start repealing laws, rather than passing new ones.  Does Heineken change their recipe for the sake of changing their recipe?  Do they come out with a new beer every year?  No.  They know what works, what is functional, what is successful, and that is what they stick with.  And when one wants to indulge in some beers and possibly does not have the budget for Heineken, they know they can spend less on Coors Light and get to the same result.  But these charlatans in Washington and Sacramento believe that it is their mandate to constantly be reinventing the wheel.  They are so narscissistic as to believe that there is one more great idea out there as it applies to governing and controlling people and that if we would just see their genius, we would all be better off.  Meanwhile they live in mansions while their constituents struggle (I’m looking at you Maxine Waters).  And after all of this ineffectiveness what happens?  They stay in office for 30 years.  Hell, beer has a born on date and an expiration date.  And if you drink after the expiration, you are going to be disappointed.  And these politicians, on both sides of the aisle, advertise themselves to be like a session IPA, when in reality they are O’Douls.  You get a product that does nothing for you, makes you go to the bathroom a lot, and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth.  That goes for the O’Douls as well.  I think we can agree that we don’t need politicians that are on that Natural Ice side of the spectrum, but I do not think we need one’s that reflect some brewers penchant for throwing apricots and strawberries in their beer.  Experimentation for the sake of experimentation.  And the government uses us as their test kitchen.

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