Hypocrisy on Steroids

I do not know that there has been a time in my adult life in which hypocrisy has ever been more prevalent or blatant on such a large range of topics.  One topic that has been sucking up all of the oxygen lately is an alleged affair Donald Trump had with a porn star some 12 years ago.  As I am sure most have heard about this, allow me to provide a quick snapshot.

A month before the 2016 Presidential Election, a porn actress named Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 and signed  a non-disclosure agreement under the auspices of not speaking about an extramaritial relationship with Donald Trump.  While Trump and his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, maintain that an affair never took place, it is rather odd to just give $130,000 and have someone sign a nondisclosure agreement for no reason.  But the media, bloodthirsty and ravenous as ever, was not about to let this type of red meat go to waste.  Skirting the rules of the non-disclosure agreement, Ms. Daniels and her lawyer have given multiple interviews about the alleged affair and by proxy have become the new heroes of the Left.

Do I believe that Trump copulated with this porn star?  Absolutely.  Do I care?  Not really.  I have come to realize that if we are so gullible to believe that our politicians, even those who run for President, are somehow virtuous or pious or anything similar to those adjectives, we are fooling ourselves.  Donald Trump became rich because he is shrewd, cutthroat, manipulative, and knows how to use leverage.  It is these qualities that also helped him get elected President.  But, guess what?  Hillary Clinton is shrewd, cutthroat, manipulative, and knows how to use leverage.  Barack Obama is shrewd, cutthroat, manipulative, and knows how to use leverage (and also a huge narcissist).  You see, you do not ascend to the heights of President of the United States or Secretary of State because you are a “nice person”.  People navigate to these heights through a combination of many factors.  But, be assured that one of the factors involved is knowing how to shut people up who may try to damage your reputation.  And it is with that statement, that we circle back to hypocrisy.

William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was accused by four women of sexual misconduct.  These allegations ranged from groping to rape.  One of his accusers, Paula Jones, was paid an out of court settlement of $850,000, while Clinton maintained he did nothing wrong.  Because after all, who doesn’t break off $850,000 to someone for no reason?  Are we beginning to the see the parallels yet?  Do I believe that President Clinton is guilty of what his accusers allege?  Probably.  Do I care?  Yes.  What the hypocritical media is falling all over themselves about was a consensual relationship, albeit an adulterous one, between Trump and Daniels.  In the case of Clinton, none of his alleged transgressions were consensual, with Juanita Broaddrick claiming she was forcibly raped by Clinton in 1978.  It bothers me that our nation would elect, twice, a man who may have raped a woman and then thought he could get away with it.  But, with the help of the media, he did.  With the help of the media, he had sex with an intern in the Oval Office, lied under oath about it, and the Left still offers him up as a hero.  So, we have now arrived at the hypocrisy.

The media, when reporting or commentating on the accusations against Bill Clinton, were quick to question the integrity of the women making the accusations.  They were quick to explain away the accusations as women seeking publicity and/or a payday.  Were they right in this summation?  Probably.  It is very odd that one of the accusations occurred 15 years earlier and was not brought to light until Clinton became President.  However, publicity seeking or not, the accusers were never given the benefit of the doubt because the media and Clinton believe in the same political ideology.  The media basically said to the public “meh, nothing to see here”.  What makes this so disheartening is that there is a huge percentage of the population who swallow this hook, line, and sinker.  At the most, what the media said was “what Clinton did was wrong, but he is a liberal, like us, so it is ok”.  In the case of Trump, anything he does, or is to alleged have done, is an impeachable offense and probably a sign of the coming apocalypse.  Even with the situations outlined above, eerily similar as they are, the media treats one situation with indifference and one with extreme prejudice.

Do I feel bad for Donald Trump?  Not in the least.  He cheated on his wife, it became public and now he has to deal with those chickens coming home to roost.  If a person does not want revelations of an extra marital affair coming out, don’t have an extra marital affair in the first place.  But, this article is not about scoring the individual morality of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.  Instead of trying to spin these stories to fit a narrative as to why one is worse than the other, and vice versa (I’m looking at you MSNBC, CNN, and Fox), just save the American people the trouble and say what it is you really want to say.  At MSNBC and CNN, just level with the people and say this: “We are liberals and we will defend liberals no matter what they do.  In kind, we will attempt to denigrate and destroy anyone who disagrees with our views.  We’ll especially try to destroy those who are supposed to think like us,  but do not (see Kanye West).”  And Fox, you are complicit in this too.  Fox will defend Republicans to the bitter end and have become increasingly petty in their commentary when it comes to their dislike of Liberals.  I fully understand that the current “news” media is driven by ratings and profits and is all about preaching to their respective choirs.  However, the stuff they report on has become so tawdry, petty, and nothing to do with real issues that affect Americans that it feels like I am watching Inside Edition rather than journalism.  And, all the while many of these so called journalists actually believe they are doing some sort of hard hitting reporting, “cutting to the core of the matter”.  In reality, all they are doing is engaging in self serving, self aggrandizing behavior because they are just as narcissistic as the people they cover.  Some people say there is an assault on the media in our country since the election of Trump.  I think what is actually going on is that the coddled media cannot handle being questioned when they espouse lies and half truths when they have become so accustomed to being believed without question.  The example of Clinton’s and Trump’s dalliances with other women is a perfect example of how the media does not want to explain why is it in a situation fraught with similarities, one person should be burned at the stake and the other is a hero.  Narcissists do not like being put on the spot or to be told that they are wrong.

Our Moral Compass is Officially Spinning

In what began with the truth coming out about Hollywood creep Harvey Weinstein has turned into an avalanche of accusations that is running roughshod through the entertainment industry and government.  These accusations have spared no party affiliation or ideology as those in the crosshairs run the gamut from Al Franken to Roy Moore, Matt Lauer to Bill O’Reily.  It has gotten to the point to when the latest revelation is reported on one of the propoganda networks, we aren’t even really surprised anymore.  And this is where we are, becoming comfortable with the fact that our elected leaders are corrupt, inept, and evidently quite a few are sexually predatory.  But, in this situation, as in most, the apologists are coming out of the woodwork to explain why one persons offenses are worse then another’s and the arguments are just coincidentally  down idealogical lines.  Roy Moore is accused by nine women of sexual abuse, one claiming that the abuse occurred when she was 14 and Moore was 32.  And for those who do not want to see the uber conservative Moore elected to the Senate, accusations equal being guilty.  No presumption of innocence, no investigation, no due process.  For opponents of conservatives, process, law, constitution, etc., none of that matters.  (For the record I do believe strongly in the theory “where there is smoke there is fire”.  Roy Moore is probably guilty of something.)  All that matters is winning.  All that matters is gaining numbers in the Senate in order to move along a liberal agenda.  How do we know this to be true?  Look at how liberals, the great champions of women, are handling Al Franken.  In the cases of Roy Moore, John Conyers, Joe Barton, etc., there are only accusations.  There is no finite evidence that can prove any of what is being alleged.  It is purely the word of accusers.  Except for in the case of Franken.  There is documented evidence of him groping a sleeping Leann Tweeden on a military transport plane.  Documented photo evidence.  Can you imagine the Rachel Maddows of the world falling all over themselves and pounding desks calling for the resignation of Ted Cruz if they had a picture of him fondling a sleeping woman?  Liberals would be apoplectic.  But since it is Franken, who is left of left, who pushes to advance the socialist agenda, it’s all forgiven.  Because what has been communicated in this instance, and many other instances, is that as long as your political ideology squares with that of the liberal media and Hollywood, its ok to lie, cheat, steal, grope, rape, etc.  Franken and those of his ilk love to lecture us on women’s rights and at the same time defile them.  But these people are so used to being in their bubble full of clapping seal sycophants that they see nothing wrong with virtue signaling to the rest of us how we should conduct ourselves all the while conducting themselves in a manner that is in direct contradiction to their preaching.  And what do people who align themselves with these crooks do?  They defecate bricks sideways when those they are politically opposed to engage in bad or criminal behavior, but justify the same behavior by those they politically agree with.  This is what I mean when I say our moral compass is spinning out of control.  I believe in women’s rights.  I am a conservative.  If what Roy Moore is accused of turns out to be true I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  My morals will not allow me to support a person merely because I agree with him politically.  But in the case of Al Franken, John Conyers, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Ted Kennedy, etc. all is forgiven and explained away because they belong to the right party.  Party platform has replaced moral platform.  Protecting those who supposedly protect you has become more important than holding officials accountable under the law for their awful behavior.  You want to talk about privilege in the United States?  This the privileged class of Americans.  Politicians.  They rape, pillage, steal, etc. and not only do they get away with it, there are Americans lined up around the block to pat them on the back and encourage them to do it again.

Selective Outrage: Our New National Pastime

As should be expected, most who have been reading or watching any type of news  lately have been inundated with the righteous indignation from the Left on the death of Army Sergeant La David Johnson.  The news media has been using his death and the subsequent condolence call by President Trump to his young widowed wife has the latest proxy war against his presidency.  And should anyone be surprised?  It is Chicago mayor and former President Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who famously said “never let a good tragedy go to waste”.  The obvious translation meaning “do not worry about who’s pain and heartache you exploit, just so long as you exploit it for the greater good, which in this case the greater good is the Liberal agenda”.  And, while the ruling class Liberals are in the business of exploiting tragedy, they are also in the business of defining it to fit their own narrative.  Where is the exploitation of the other three Soldier’s families that died right along side of Sergeant Johnson?  I do not see Frederica Wilson lobbying on their behalf?  And since this incident occurred, Liberals have been touting this as “Trump’s Bhengazi”.  I find that assertion odd, given that since 2012 Liberals have tried to convince us that the incident in Lybia was not a big deal and not a scandal.  If that is still their position, then why the outrage with this event?  Could it be because there was a political angle to be played?  Surely not.  When Stephen Paddock shot up Las Vegas, the rhetoric from the Left was on hyperdrive, only to dissipate when it was realized that no political capital stood to be gained from the event since no Right Wing political motivation could be found on the part of the shooter.  Why is there no outrage on the Left with regard to the war zone that is the Southside of Chicago?  There is nothing to gain there.  Those folks already vote blue, so there is no reason to pay it any mind.  When a group of White Supremacists hold a rally in Charlottesville we are told this is proof positive that our country is dealing with an avalanche of racism.  When Black Lives Matter holds “Blacks Only” events, they are silent.  When Donald Trump is elected, women marched on Washington D.C., protesting against sexism and misogyny.  When Liberal leaning Hollywood gets exposed for its culture of rape and pedophilia, nary a word in anger is uttered.  This all being said, I have many Liberal friends of whom I believe are good and principled people.  We obviously disagree about a great many things, but bad people they are not.  However, Frederica Wilson, exploiting the death of SGT Johnson and his widow, is a bad person.  Rachel Maddow, with her tin foil hat and conspiracy theories, is a bad person.  Hillary Clinton, the champion of women’s rights, who’s husband has exploited women most of his adult life and who accepted money from governments who do not even allow girls to attend school, is a bad person.  If someone is principled in their beliefs they should be just as outraged by the conduct of Harvey Weinstein as they are of the purported conduct of Donald Trump.  If someone is a principled person they should be just as outraged by the caskets that came home during the Obabma administration as they are for the one’s that come home now.  Sadly, that is rarely the case nowadays.  Too many have chosen agenda over principle, party over values.  As long as the person who occupies the White House is the person they voted for, that person can do no wrong.  If it is not the person they voted for, they can do no right.  What sane person thinks like this?  The 24/7 media onslaught of telling people what their opinions should be and spinning any story into a possible political touchdown is ruining our country.  And, while I have no real respect for these drive by, activist journalists who I think are guided by shock value, agenda, ratings, and revenue, it pains me to say we are the real ones to blame.  Not because that in our hearts we are a divided nation, but that we have allowed those in the media to make us believe that we are.  We have allowed the media to decide what we should and should not be upset about, based off our skin color, religion, or political beliefs, rather than our conscience.  The bomb throwers in D.C.?  Yup, that is our fault as well.  We elect idiots like Mitch McConnell, Frederica Wilson, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, and John Boehner.  These people give not one damn about you or I.  All they care about is how they can exploit us to further an ideology that serves them, not us.  It is high time we stop excoriating each other and begin excoriating, and ostracizing them.  These people want us clinging to them, screaming “help us!!”.  They should be clinging to our leg, as we drag them out of the capitol building as they beg for forgiveness.

Beyond Dissapointment

Let me first state that I am a First Amendment absolutist.  The right to free expression is quite possibly the most bedrock freedom we have in our nation.  There are folks in other countries that have not the first clue of the privilege that we enjoy as Americans to communicate our thoughts and opinions.  It is one of the reasons we have been and continue to be the envy of the world.  In the United States you can openly disagree with our politicians.  In China that will get a person jailed or worse.  In the United States you can openly profess your support for same sex marriage.  In Iran, that will get someone thrown off of a building.  In the United States, you can shout from the mountain tops your disdain for the country you live in.  Do that in Cuba and you will disappear, probably never to be heard from again.  So no, NFL players, I am not demanding that you stand for the national anthem.  That is part of our greatness as a country.  No one has to stand for an anthem, support a certain religion, bow to a dictator, drive a government prescribed automobile, be told how many kids we can have, etc., etc.  That is  an all too true reality in other countries, but not ours.  So, again, no, NFL players, I am not nor will I ever demand that you stand for the anthem or do anything for that matter. But as the First Amendment extends to the players in the NFL, it is also extended to me.  And while I do not with one ounce of me being argue that NFL players are not entitled to their views or that what they are protesting is not totally devoid of legitimacy, I can and will disagree with the manner in which it is being done. We are constantly being told through this ordeal that the players are not protesting the flag, or the anthem, or the country.  Then why do they pick the precise moment when we honor the flag, the anthem, and the country to protest?  Again, I am not arguing their rights or the validity of their concerns (I am not going to get into that portion of this argument as that is a whole different issue).  But why then protest in this way, if not to specifically say “we do not like this country.”?  It all seems a little more than coincidental to me that this is the time and the forum that players choose to express their views.  So with that being said, it does disappoint me that this is the mode of protest that the players have chosen.  But, NFL players, do your thing.  In turn, I will do mine.  I will not demand of you that you stand, the same way that you cannot demand of me that I watch you play.  And on a final note, the reason for my profound disappointment in the manner in which these men are protesting is this: I served for nearly ten years in the United States Army.  I served with men and women from nearly every background imaginable in our country.  Black, brown, Native American, Asian American, Muslims, you name it.  The Army is like Noah’s Ark.  And we congregated around our flag, with a common sense of purpose, as we knew the flag represented the best of our country, not the worst.  When we rolled out the gate in Iraq, it was the United States flag that was emblazoned on our right shoulder.  The origin of our ancestors did not matter.  The pigmentation of our skin did not matter.    We were Americans, looking out for fellow Americans in service to our country.  So when NFL players decide to kneel in protest when our flag is raised, they should remember that when a casket comes home with someone in it who died to ensure their right to protest, it is draped in the flag they apparently detest.  While they think they are doing something so “courageous” by taking a knee, Alejandro Villanueva is one of the only NFL players who showed any type of courage of conviction on Sunday.  CPT. Villanueva, myself, and hundreds of people I personally know would have died to for any one of those NFL players to ensure their rights and opportunity for prosperity in our country.  And in return, they cannot even stand for us.  A noble protest is no longer noble when those protesting are protesting the wrong things.

Final Salvo on Election

I think I’m just about finished commenting on our most recent presidential election, but here is my last quip and I am putting this topic to bed. And, since it seems that a disclaimer is required when advocating something similar to what is written below, no, I am no huge fan of Donald Trump. However, I am a fan of the fact that the United States is comprised of more than a few select population centers whose residents believe they get to choose for the rest of us. Ms. Clinton, your elitist drivel played well in 57 of 3,141 counties in our country. 57 of the most expensive, exclusive counties in our country might I add. But I get it, Democrats are all about the “little guy”. Some stats are easily distorted. Others are alarmingly damning. This would be the latter of the two I think. IMG_1396

A Nation of Laws or a Nation of Feelings?

A Nation of Laws or a Nation of Feelings?

Falling under the category of shockingly predictable, not only did our current president rescind the Obama era executive action that exempted 800,00 illegal immigrants from deportation, but the media summarily lost their collective minds.  First of all let me state this: I do not fault the people caught up in this one bit.  They were brought here when they were young, had no say in the matter, and the overwhelming majority are probably really nice people.  This is not their fault.  The fact that it is not their fault does not make them legal to live here, but purely means they are not to blame for their situation.  If we want to assign blame for the limbo that these folks live in, it belongs to politicians, playing fast and loose with the rules to gain clout and play footsie with special interest groups.

If those previously protected under DACA are a victim of anything, they are victims of government leaders who care more politics rather than doing their job.  Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants in 1986.  It was a kind gesture and one that I am sure Reagan thought would never be duplicated in any form or fashion.  But, it was also done to curry favor amongst Latino Americans.  In this instance, President Reagan skirted federal law and instead of executing the laws of our nation, told 3 million people they were exempt from it.  This led to lax enforcement.  This led to people living in our country illegally for years.  This led to politicians from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush to Barack Obama talking tough on immigration at times, but never doing anything about it.  Why?  Simple.  Politics.  If we haven’t figured it out yet, there is no huge chasm between the Republican and Democratic party.  Both parties benefit from illegal immigration.  Businesses in bed with the Republicans want cheap labor.  Democrats, wanting to change the racial demographics of the nation, want votes.  So each side may argue about who really exploits illegal immigrants, but it is really just the pot calling the kettle black.  But back to people who do not do their jobs.  This whole DACA business gave people false hope, because Barack Obama would not do his job.  President Obama was the chief executive our nation.  By definition and job title, he is mandated to ensure the execution of our laws.  Not to cherry pick which one’s he liked or disliked, but to ensure that the laws of our nation are carried out.  Presidents execute laws, congress passes them, the judiciary decides if they are legal.  That is the basic function of our three branches.  But instead of executing the law, Obama did the exact opposite.  He exempted 800,000 people in our country from the law.  He’s supposed to execute the law, but instead exempts people from it.  His supporters say “it is the right thing to do”.  I say the the right thing to do is act within the scope of your duties as President of the United States.  Presidents, and I do not care what president it is, cannot unilaterally just change laws.  Congress has the power to write and pass legislation (you know, the representatives of the citizenry), the president has the power to veto or sign into law, not to exempt people from the law.  If presidents would do their job, instead of trying to make people feel good or like them, we would not have this problem.  And if a president has a problem with an existing law, they can sure as hell fire introduce legislation to change the law, the legal way.  Not just zinging out executive orders (which I think should be heavily restricted).

So now we have 800,000 people in the United States who believe that their status is cemented because “Obama said so”.  This is the fault of the politicians who sold them false hope, unicorns, and rainbows.  Donald Trump says and does a great many things that make me want to throw up.  But in this case, for all the criticism he is receiving, he is doing exactly the right thing.  The power to write and pass law does not reside with the president.  Trump has put the onus on Congress to come up with a law, an actual law passed through our legislative system per the Constitution of the United States of America, and not an not some executive order that was put in place to make folks feels better.  This is what happens when people throw all of their faith, support, dreams, etc., behind one president and his pen and his phone.  Presidents and their executive orders are much easier to get rid of then codified law is.  But people become conditioned to executive orders that meet their immediate needs and give no thought to the next person that will occupy the office next.  If it is that easy grant de facto amnesty, is that easy to take it away.  That is why we should not allow our president, or any president, to so easily and singlehandedly effect the lives of people in our country with a decision that can be so easily be overturned.  Don’t like our current laws?  Elect folks who will change the laws……..by the proper process (i.e. the will of the people).  If I still remember right the American Revolution was fought for independence from those who would rule by fiat, rather than the consent of the governed?  Bottom line, if people would do their job, this mess would not exist.  It is time to shrink the scope of the powers of the presidency.  Democracy and sovereignty.  If we do not do something to keep them, we will lose them.  And we will not get them back.